Learn to paint a Ganapati idol

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Course Summary

This course can be used independently or as an extension to my course "LEARN THE ART OF CLAY SCULPTING: MAKE A GANAPATI IDOL".

This course teaches you everything that you need to know for painting a Ganapati idol using acrylic colors. Using the same techniques and sequence taught in this course, you can use other types (poster, organic) of colors too to paint the idol.

You'll learn which colors to buy and how to mix many other colors from the basic colors.

Most difficult part in painting the idol is painting the eyes and that is shown in detail so that you get the necessary information and confidence.
So, take the course, paint the idol, enjoy the experience and feel more spiritually connected!

Course Curriculum

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator and Designer

"Awesome ! you made life easy to do painting, nicely detailed and explained..thanks!"
- Vijay Nanaware

If you want to Learn To Make A Ganapati Idol, here is a course for that.

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