Painting Autumn in Watercolors - SketchBook Everyday Series

Learn The Essential Watercolor Techniques And Confidently Paint Leaves, Acorns, Mushrooms, Trees etc In Watercolor!

Course Summary

 Welcome to the SketchBook everyday Series of courses. In this ninth course, you will learn how to paint 6 autumn related objects like pumpkins, acorns, leaves, mushrooms, trees and a fox using watercolors.

My name is Mandar, an Artist, illustrator, and a sculptor. I will be leading you through this course.

By taking this class you’ll learn how to paint these autumn essentials using bright and transparent watercolors. We’ll be using many watercolor techniques such as layering,  wet in wet, wet on dry and lifting color bring out the 3 dimensionality of these objects.

This class is for perfect for complete beginners as well as for artists with some experience who want to simplify their painting style. You will see every line that I draw, every brush stroke that I make and I'll also be talking to you about my process. No prior art making experience is necessary to take this course. Just having interest in painting with watercolors is enough.

I look forward to seeing you inside the class and also seeing vibrant autumn favorites that you’ll paint!
Happy Painting,

Course Curriculum

Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, & Art Educator

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